Scholarship for Deserving Students

About this cause

Till 2015, the Tuition fee for a student was Rs.90,000/- per annum, the Merit-Cum Scholarship fully supported the total cost of tuition fee.

From 2016, tuition fee has been revised to Rs.2 lakhs per annum. The Govt. Merit-Cum Scholarship has been revised to 2/3rd of Rs.2 lakhs (ie 1.33 Lakhs). This leaves a sum of Rs. 66,667/- to be borne by the student.

To support each student an endowment of Rs.15 lakhs or 34,000 Can$ is proposed (assuming an average yield of 5% interest).

For 200 students per year, the estimated endowment required is Rs.30 Crores.

Eligibility Criteria for scholarship

Parental income should be less than 5 Lakhs per annum
B.Tech/ Dual Degree

How the money will be used

The returns of the endowment will help in supporting 1 student annual tuition fee of Rs.66,667/- as Merit-cum-means Scholarships.

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